Veils come in a variety of trims. To determine would aesthetic details that would best compliment your dress start with the metal colours, lace style and any other design elements on your gown.  Determine whether you would like to match these elements or compliment them. If you are unsure, start with the simplest styles first.
Veils come in a variety of lengths and widths.  Use the graphic above to determine the length of veil you are looking for.  Keep in mind that due to the nature of our inventory not all veils will be designed to these exact measurements, but typically will fall within 3 inches of the described length. 
Veil widths are noted on the items they apply to. Typically, there are two widths we see most commonly: 54" which results in a gentle drape down the back and 108" which displays much fully and comes around the shoulders. Many of our items fall between these widths so be sure to look at the pictures for the fullness and contact us if you have questions.
Veil colours range from bright white to champagne.  In our experience, the majority of brides we sell to purchase veils from our off white/soft white selection for dresses ranging in shades from light white to light ivory.  Nude, blush and champagne gowns can also be worn with soft white or off white veils if the tone of the veil matches the tone of the lace or any other styling items (shoes, jewelry) that have an off white or soft white tone.
If you have a dress and you are unsure of the shade of veil to compliment the gown please send us an email at with the label colour, designer, style number and/or picture of the gown and we will consult on your item and our selection.