I love clothing, but I also love to write and create.  I am a visual person who enjoys the concept of self expression through clothing.  Orsola De Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution describe clothing as "our chosen skin...we communicate who we are, to an extent, through our clothing."  Pearl & Birch Wedding Consignments is a bridal boutique that aims to connect former brides and their wedding items to future brides . Our vision is to foster a community of conscious consumers and educate brides (and other dress seekers!) on the benefits of buying local and previously loved.  We do this through the idea that style comes before fashion and secondhand can be a first choice. We are the only full service wedding consignment store serving the Prairies.  Pearl & Birch offers alterations, customization and dry cleaning to any client in need of modestly priced, professionally executed tailoring and cleaning.

Alongside operating an ethical business, we have designed a space that is comfortable, elegant and inspiring.  We are proud to share that 80% of our interiors, equipment and fixtures come previously loved and were repurposed or upcycled.  In addition, 80% of our shipping and packaging is ethically sourced.  We use recycled materials for our business cards and bags, donated gift bags and items purchased secondhand. Due to our strong commitment to conscious consumerism, we are vigilant about reusing our garment bags for as long as they remain functional and maintain a level of quality.  Fun fact: after 6+ years of business we have only purchased 450 plastic garment bags despite selling over 2000 gowns & dresses.   For this reason you may receive plastic that appears wrinkled or contains a label from another brand.  Whenever possible, it is the principle of Pearl & Birch Wedding Consignments to remain committed to providing greener business practices and supporting the community and collaborating with local businesses.

As a mother and advocate, I have always been proud to promote environmental awareness, women owned businesses and locally made products.  I welcome you to join us in our efforts to continue the conversations about the planet we live on and the effects consumerism has on our global and local community.  Thank you for choosing to shop with us!